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Reno Rapids is a division of
Metalife Industries, Inc.
141 Mong Way
Reno, PA 16343

Graphic designs for Firearms, Sports Equipment, Skulls, Game Controllers, Consoles, Household Items and more!

We have many camouflage graphics to choose from as well as carbon fiber, flames, skulls, wood, metal, stone and much more.


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Welcome to Reno Rapids Hydrographics located in Reno, Pennsylvania along the great Allegheny river.

We specialize in Water Transfer Printing also known as Camo Dipping. Our process is used to decorate your item(s) with water transfer graphics that give you a one of a kind custom look. We can process almost any thing that can be dipped in water such as guns, bows, skulls, helmets, fan blades, light switches, game controllers and much more. The films can be applied to most types of material including plastic, fiberglass, wood, ceramics, and metal.

The process utilizes a water-soluble film that contains the printed patterns. In the process the item to be decorated is first coated with a primer. After this dries a base-coat of paint is applied and left to dry. Once the base-coat is dry the item is dipped, rinsed, dried then painted with a protective clear coat. The whole process takes approximately 2 weeks to allow time for all the stages to be done properly. Our paints are automotive grade so they are very durable, just like your car!

There are hundreds of patterns to choose from and combined with your color choice you have a personal, unique look all your own.

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Last Modified:  June 4, 2014